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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kill the infidels. Or convert them. Or just leave them alone.

In a recent post we discussed common misconceptions in the Bible (Mostly the King James Version.) The two other mainstream religious texts The Quran, and the Torah also have misconceptions (and even though many of the Muslim faith won't admit it, contradictions.)  The Kabbalah will not be discussed here as it's not a mainstream religious text, but a text used in other religions by certain sects. The Torah (which means "instruction" or "teaching") is basically the first five books of the old testament. It is the Books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Although the titles of these chapters have different meanings in Jewish tradition. The Torah is almost a word for word reproduction of the first five books of the Bible. (Although many of Jewish faith would say instead that the first five books of the Bible are a word for word reproduction of the Torah.) The Jews believe that the Torah was inscribed by Moses. (Except for the last verses which describe his death.)  In the Torah the Commandments are not the same as the Judeo Christian commandments. In Jewish tradition there are 613 commandments. Although they do follow also the ten commandments (which are different from both the catholic ten commandments and the protestant ten commandments) So the same misconceptions from the King James Bible, also appear in the Torah. One major difference however is that the Torah is written and studied in Hebrew. Where the King James Version of the Bible has been translated from Greek and Latin into English. So we at The Crazy are sure that the Torah would hold some surprises for anyone who could do their own translation from Hebrew. (Don't look at us, we can barely used our own language, let alone Hebrew.)  Now on to the Quran. There are some extremist Muslims who believe that the only true version of the Quran must be read in Arabic. Unfortunately we here at the Crazy don't understand Arabic, and therefore have to rely on the English translations. But in cases where we do quote the Quran we have used the most widely accepted translations. It should also be noted that only about 20 percent of Muslims can speak or read Arabic. The Quran is considered by people of the Muslim faith to be the unerring word of Allah. (God)  And was transcribed by Mohammed. Who was familiar with the Torah and had said to his followers "Relate from the people of Isreal, and there is no objection." This has enabled Islamic scholars to cite precedents from Jewish Scholarship.  Ok, let's get to the meat of the matter here. Almost everyone who has mentioned the Quran to me has said that it advocates the killing of all infidels. Which is not what it says at all. For example the word Infidel does not appear in the Quran. It is an ecclesiastical christian term, which means one who does not believe in Christianity. (Why would a Muslim kill someone who doesn't believe in Christianity?) But it is true that there are many verses in the Quran that do advocate violence. (The same can be said of the Bible.) And many versus that advocate peaceful coexistence. (The same can be said of the Bible.) Like all religions, there are extremist sects who devoutly believe that every word in their respective religious text requires them to act against any non-believers. Why do some Muslims follow the Sura 4:89 “seize them and slay them wherever you find them: and in any case take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”And others follow The Quran 11 which says " Say: O unbelievers! I do not serve that which you serve, Nor do you serve Him Whom I serve: Nor am I going to serve that which you serve, Nor are you going to serve Him Whom I serve, You shall have your religion and I shall have my religion." These are both from the Quran, yet one advocates letting each have their own religion, the other killing anyone who has a different religion. A clear contradiction. Describing the Quran is a pretty difficult task. Unlike the King James Bible which is ordered chronologically in time. The Quran is not ordered chronologically. But based on the size of the verses.  Muslims however are taught the Chronological order from an early age. If our readers (who are probably getting quite bored by now) would allow us to make one small point. We at The Crazy think we can agree that the majority of people who read the Bible would not attack or kill non-believers. Yet in Deuteronomy 13:6 through 13:17 we are clearly told to do so. Even killing your own family if they fail to worship the ONE true God. And for those Christians out there who say "but that's the old testament" remember that Jesus told the Apostles they must follow the laws of old testament, (most people believe this means the 10 commandments) but which laws? Of the 613 words, or laws in the old testament, which should they follow. The 10 commandments are different in 3 places in the Bible. And never clearly defined. And as a matter of fact seem to number 14 or 15. (possibly more)  And the Quran has the same problem, the contradictions tell us both books were clearly written by different people, in different times, with different agendas. (If any extremist Muslims are reading this, sorry, but the truth is the truth no matter how you slice it. And we assume that an extremist Muslim would say the same of a throat.) It is clear to us here at The Crazy, that most religious texts are perhaps purposely left vague. Why? We don't know. But this is a free country, you can believe what you want. Or disbelieve what you want. We certainly won't kill you for it. As a matter of fact we like a little dissent. If you disagree with this post please let us know. If you agree with it, let us know that too. (If you are an extremist Muslim, you shouldn't be reading this as it's in direct violation of your belief in the Quran, shame on you. Go cut off your head.) Be free people, that's about it, ciao for now.


  1. How come no new posts about the good Muslims killing an American Ambassador and his 3 pals?? Looks like the Muslims kill you if your choice of free speech is even the slightest affront to Muhammed. Christians should learn from them. That is why libs push them around now-a-days because they are weak. They make paintings of Jesus and Mary using fecal matter and the Libs are so proud of it. However, the Libs bow down to Muslims because they are afraid!! Libs are cowards and only attack those that can't or will not fight back. Can't wait to see your next post denouncing Christianity for some sin hundreds of years ago when your buddies the Muslims are committing atrocities RIGHT NOW!! BTW - 9/11 anniversary was yesterday, yet no article or mention on your blog (I bet you are one of the Libs that felt we deserved it).

  2. Of course I don't feel we deserved 9/11. A bunch of crazed nut cases killed almost 3000 innocent civilians. But get this straight, they were INSANE RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS. As for the murders in Libya.I hope the men who committed these acts get brought to justice. Time will tell. But again, this was an organized attack by RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS. Oh and anyone who thinks there is no such thing as a christian religious zealot need look no further than Timothy McVeigh or Eric Rudolph or if you want clearly terrorist Christian organizations look no further than The Aryan Nation, or The Army of God. I feel no need to commemorate 9/11, every newspaper in the country wrote articles about it. There is nothing I could say that would add anything of value. Also quit saying ALL Muslims are terrorists. Are Mohammed Ali, or Ice Cube, or Dave Chappelle, or Aasif Manvi terrorists? I have NO problem with making cartoons about Christ or Mohammed. And if the Extreme right, or extremist Muslims don't like it, they can come and tell me about it. (Ishpeming, Michigan. Look under Potila in the phone book.) Oh, and I am going to point this out again. This is not a political blog. I mention some political matters when I see what is clearly a wrong being done by one side or the other. (Liberal or Conservative.) But mostly this blog is about the illusion we call life. The exploration of the human spirit. Our understanding of the Universe and our place in it. And yes, I am a proud liberal. Not a communist, or a marxist. Not a religious zealot, nor an avowed atheist, (although I find myself leaning toward atheism at times.) I believe in freedom of speech, (even speech which I find distasteful, your rant about Muslims for example.)Sadly there are crazy RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS all over the planet. But the majority of Muslims are not out to change your lifestyle, nor convert you. Most simply want to live in peace. Much as most Christians do. Have you noticed that the estimated 300,000 Muslims in Michigan aren't burning flags or attacking Christians? I wonder why? Maybe they want to live in peace? Nah couldn't be. Sheesh.

  3. Okay - there was too much passion (anger) in original post that did not give you credit for at least taking on the extreme Muslims in your original article. My response was to more what is perceived by many to be the average Liberals point of view that no matter what atrocities these extremist Muslims do that the propaganda war against (Red State folks) Christianity must march on - FORWARD without even a pause.

  4. The Christians worship the one God. The Jewish worship the one God. Islam worships the one God. All three religions are based in Jewish even if that is unpalatible to Islam. They are all the same ONE GOD but each religion has a different name for God. If we all worship the ONE GOD, why are the Muslims intent on killing the infidels who worship the same ONE GOD? The Christians and all other religions have not tried to ellinate other religions for many generations and adopted a live and let live attitude. So why is Islam so intent on forcing others to be Islamic when the same God is watching and will judge their violence in the end. Do they think he will grant them 99 virgins (ridiculously carnal/sexist concept and whoever came up with the conceopt did not know God at all) for murdering those who are faithful to him and worship him in different manners? Any rational person would realize that our One God will condemn their violence and murder and punish them when they are face to face with him. He is after all the One God, mysterious and difficult to fanthom. As long as he is worshipped, in whatever manner, it pleases him and he will accept all who do so into his bosom. Those that murder those faithful to him in the name of the One God face condemnation in his eyes